In this page you can discover 82 synonyms antonyms idiomatic expressions and related words for expert like. Technical expert and guru.

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Expert in the evaluation of wines.

Technical expert synonym. Technical Expert means a physical person who possesses special knowledge in a particular field of accreditation called and appointed by the accreditation body to participate in the accreditation of conformity assessment bodies and included in the register of technical experts. A highly intelligent person. Preparing lesson plans for this weeks IELTS lessons and came across scholar being used as a synonym for expert.

Technical – WordReference thesaurus. One who offers advice to others. Noun the disciplinedealingwith the art or science of applying scientific knowledge to practical problems.

79 synonyms for expert. Specialist authority professional master pro ace genius guru pundit buff wizard adept whizz maestro virtuoso connoisseur. Synonyms for technical in Free Thesaurus.

While all these words mean having great knowledge and experience in a trade or profession expert implies extraordinary proficiency and often connotes knowledge as well as technical skill. What are synonyms for expert. Some common synonyms of expert are adept proficient skilled and skillful.

Synonyms discussion and more. Learn the definition of technical expert. The best 32 synonyms for technical including.

Proficient implies a thorough competence derived from training and practice. Synonyms – TECHNICAL EXPERTISE report a problem. Proficient adept skilled skillful expert mean having great knowledge and experience in a trade or profession.

Scientific technological skilled specialist specialized hi-tech or high-tech specialist scientific specialized esoteric. Check out the pronunciation synonyms and grammar. Full list of synonyms for Technical expert is here.

Synonyms for computer expert. Based on 2 documents. Thanks Mark this is truly excellent.

17 synonyms for technical. 6 Technical expert synonyms. Suggest synonym for Technical expert.

A notable person within a specific field. Technical Expertise n I02399630 Competence Professional Generalization of Expertise Professional Competence analogical dictionary. 1 Response to 20 Synonyms for Expert Kerry on October 11 2014 1110 pm.

Find another word for technical at YourDictionary. Choose the Right Synonym for expert. An expert in a given field.

Special technological methodological practical professional specialized administrative documentation scholarly mechanical abstruse and more. Looked in an online thesaurus and the closest synonym they had was schooled. Technical expert and computer geek.

One who is master of their profession. Definitions for Mechanics noun the characteristic peculiarities and technicalities of something. Noun the practical applicationof science to commerceor industry.

What are synonyms for technical. Browse the use examples technical expert in the great English corpus. Guru techie computer expert.

A person who judges the merits of literary or artistic works especially one who does so professionally. A person who is very knowledgeable about or skillful in a particular area. Our world is so dependent on technology so much so that it is hard to imagine a world that once existed without it.

Professional connoisseur skillful inexpert unskilled crack master expertise adept au-fait able and crackerjack. What are another words for Technical expert. Technical Expert synonyms – 58 Words and Phrases for Technical Expert.

Technical expert and geek. Geek guru. Rogets 21st Century Thesaurus Third Edition Copyright 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.

If you known antonyms for Technical expert then you can share it. Find another word for expert.

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